Business moving

Business moving

Moving company Kraustina always offer to cooperate for all furniture producers and all traders, banks, bailiffs, the producers and traders of household appliances, every other company, which needs the moving services, loading requirements or just transport services. All companies are different, so proper offer is proposed only after finding the requirements, work length, frequency or other information. Thus in any occasion you may call us or fill the order on the internet and our managers will contact you in short run and meet you any time.

We able to move only couple things or even your whole business or household. We may delivery of things on the same day. Also we can take care customers shipment for storage for unlimited period. The manager will take care of your order, he will be responsible for the moving process and will organize it from the begining until the end. This is multimodalic moving services. Moving company Kraustina will take care of your move so it would be harmless, stick to the plan, and ensure that it will be the best and easiest move from all the moves you had or will have – we believe it.

Our moving team is formed from the highest category professionals, which helps us to be the leaders in all Lithania.